THE Ten Awards

the award categories of our Annual TEN awards

The Business Leader of the Year Award recognizes business leaders at the Vice President level or higher who have significantly contributed to their company’s success. Whether they’re inspiring growth in their direct reports, adapting processes for improved efficiency, or finding ways to make the company more profitable, these businesspeople know the difference between leading and managing — and everyone under their leadership can feel the positive impact.

The Account Services Award recognizes those who manage client accounts and relationships with excellence. Nurturing a client’s account is one thing; doing it well is quite another. The candidates for this award are experts at personal interaction, data translation, and turning on a dime; they know better than anyone how to adapt in the moment, and when it comes to making a client feel known and heard, there’s no one better for the job.

The Media Planning Award recognizes those who bring the message to the masses: media buyers, media planners, and media managers. A well-conceived and well-produced message means nothing if no one ever sees it, and the candidates for this award are the ones bringing visibility to the creative team’s hard work. From television and radio to digital advertising and beyond, media planners work behind the scenes to identify audiences and build strategies that deliver results.

The Public Relations Award recognizes those who know how to make the news come to life. It’s not easy to communicate in different ways to different audiences and get them all to spread the word, but the candidates for this award make it look effortless — and they make their clients look great in the process. In a job where nuance is everything, PR can be the difference between leveling up or crashing and burning.

The Production Award recognizes those who bring the client’s goals to life. Copywriters, designers, advertisers, producers, editors, and more — these are the people who make the magic happen. Creating something out of nothing is as close as we’ll ever get to magic, and the candidates for this award know how to interpret goals, read between the lines, cope with (sometimes excessive) edits, and deliver gold.

For the social media professional. Social media has become a part of every client’s strategy. The Social Media Marketer Award recognizes the social media professional who has best delivered on their social media expertise for clients large and small.

All sales roles within the ad community. A good sales pro will make or break your day. They have to carefully balance negotiations of setting expectations and delivering results for clients. This requires the participation of a half dozen different disciplines with a dozen different needs, speaking many different languages. The Sales Person of the Year Award recognizes an individual who excels at communication, diplomacy, organization, and keeping all parties happy.

Web Developers are the architects of our digital world, blending artistry with technical expertise to create immersive websites and applications that captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. Their mastery of coding languages and dedication to delivering exceptional user experiences set new standards for online excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving realm of web development.

More than just managing tasks, these nominees are the backbone of organizational efficiency. They possess a unique blend of multitasking prowess, problem-solving skills, and exceptional communication abilities. Whether it’s coordinating schedules, resolving conflicts, or streamlining processes, they do it all with finesse and grace. Their dedication ensures that every aspect of the office runs seamlessly, allowing the rest of the team to focus on their roles. In the fast-paced world of advertising and marketing, these individuals are the unsung heroes who keep everything running like clockwork, and their contributions deserve recognition.



Marketing Directors demonstrate exemplary leadership, driving teams to achieve ambitious goals while navigating challenges with grace and innovation. From shaping overarching brand strategies to orchestrating multi-channel campaigns, these directors embody a rare blend of creativity, analytical prowess, and business acumen.

The Event Marketer Award honors the trailblazers who redefine brand engagement through immersive and unforgettable experiences. From captivating live events and interactive installations to innovative pop-up experiences, these marketers push the boundaries of creativity to craft moments that resonate on a profound level. Their ability to transform brands into tangible, memorable encounters not only drives consumer loyalty but also sets new benchmarks for innovation in event marketing, shaping the future of brand-consumer relationships.

For the unsung heroes. Young minds and fresh ideas make things happen. The Junior of the Year Award recognizes a junior or assistant staff member who has made the most impact for the least credit.

For those with plenty of growth potential. All of advertising’s great professionals started out as promising students with great potential and no idea what they were getting into. The Student of the Year Award recognizes a local university or college student studying marketing, advertising, design communications, journalism, or another advertising-related field.

For those who have served AAF Birmingham. AAF-Birmingham can’t serve its members without the help of its members. The Ann Halpern Service Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exceptional social responsibility in the community and exceptional service to AAF-Birmingham.