The American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal Award Program was established in 1959 to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern. Annually, AAF member clubs bestow this honor upon outstanding members of the local advertising community.

Past winners have managed radio stations, corporate and retail ad departments. They have been publishers of magazines and newspapers. They have been agency owners, creative directors, copywriters, media buyers or account executives. Other winners have owned market research firms, recording studios and video production companies. Media sales reps, freelancers and printers also are among previous honorees.


2021 Andy Cargile
2020 Marion Powers
2018 Bill Stoeffhaas
2017 Dan Monroe
2016 Ford Wiles
2015 Dawn Reeves
2014 Bo Stanford
2013 Spencer Till
2012 Jerry Brown
2011 John Montgomery
2010 Joe O’Donnell
2009 Michael Murphy
2008 Dr. Shelley Stewart
2007 Linda Rountree
2006 Ron Council
2005 Keith Williams
2004 Rod Clark
2003 Jerdan Bullard
2002 Ann Halpern
2001 William M. Harvill
2000 Theresa Harper Bruno

1999 Robert Luckie, III
1998 Judy Fraser
1997 Jimmy Townsend
1996 Wanda McKoy
1995 Leo Wright
1994 Liz Bishop
1993 John Forney
1992 Mike Strong
1991 Terry Slaughter
1990 Phil Sankey
1989 Jess Bullock
1988 Joan Perry
1987 Leo Tichelli
1986 Wayne Gillis
1985 Lu Cruce
1984 Harry Bressler
1983 Frank Lee
1982 Arthur P. Baxter
1981 Arthur E. Curl, Jr.
1980 Roy Hickman

1979 Cal & Dorothy Roden
1978 Ross Luckett
1977 Don Dunham
1976 Ed Boutwell
1975 Jack Hail
1974 Richard Peacock
1973 William “Bill” Rogers
1972 Billy Martin
1971 Harry Hoile
1970 Emory Cunningham
1969 Frank Taylor
1968 Vincent Townsend, Sr.
1967 William Spoor
1966 Arthur Cook
1965 Otis Dodge
1964 Paoli Smith
1963 Bob Luckie, Jr.
1962 Clarence Killian
1961 Ben McKinnon
1960 Forbes McKay